Valid Australian callsigns

When using the Log Uploader, it is important that your Australian callsign is recognised by the script. Only Australian callsigns adhering to ITU specifications will be processed by the script. All valid Australian callsigns are recognised, however this help topic deals with problems which will arise if a secondary suffix is not correct. A secondary suffix is used when signing as mobile, portable, or QRP. QSOs with an incorrect secondary suffix will be omitted from processing. A secondary suffix must be one of the following.

Here are some examples.

All VI callsigns are recognised by the script, however, if you are using a special Australian callsign which is not recognised by the script, contact the contest manager and we can most likely have the script working for your callsign within a few days.

How the Top 5 is calculated and why it is calculated this way.

The Top 5 is calculated using a mathematical formula known as "Harmonic Mean". This formula favours entries with a greater number of higher ranking entities over entries with fewer higher ranking entities. The formula looks like this, where e1, e2, e3, e4, & e5 are the rankings of the top 5 most wanted entities worked.

Harmonic Mean

An example of how this works is as follows. (Remember, lowest score wins).

If operator 1 and operator 2 were to work the following entities for example, and we simply added up the rankings of their worked entities, their scores would be 390 points and 200 points respectively.

Operator 2 would win, but for the purpose of this contest operator 1 should win as they worked a greater number of higher ranking entities than operator 2. So we apply the formula giving them scores of 11.92 points and 34.48 points respectively.

As intended, operator 1 wins with the lowest score.

The scores are rounded up to 2 decimal places. It's possible for more than one entry to achieve the same Top 5 score and this scenario is covered in the "Results" section of the rules.


Q: Why does the Log Uploader omit my QSOs?

A: The Log Uploader omits QSOs from processing when it does not find ALL the required fields in your ADIF file for each QSO as described here. Some contest loggers do not create ADIF files with all these fields. In this case the QSOs will be omitted unless you manually add the required fields prior to uploading. Some general purpose logging programs have their own variations of these fields. The script will not process QSOs if the fields are not EXACTLY as described, however, as they come to our attention we will write exceptions into the script to make it work with logging software which use their own variations. Currently, the script works with the following logging programs which use their own variations.

If the script does not work with your logging software due to its fields varying from the standard format, contact the contest manager and we can most likely have the script working for your preferred software within a few days.

Q: Why does the Log Uploader remove my QSOs after checking DXCC validity with Clublog?

A: This is due to 1 of 2 reasons. Either the callsign of the station you worked is invalid (ie: the callsign does not match any DXCC entity), or the station you worked has been flagged by Clublog as an invalid operation for the purpose of DXCC on the date in question. Check if the callsign in your log is correct then check if the date of the QSOs is correct. If you make any changes, upload your log again. If you believe your log is correct but the QSOs are still being removed, this means the operation is deemed by Clublog to be invalid and the QSOs cannot be used in this contest.

Q: How do you check if a QSO was actually made?

A: Like most amateur radio contests, this contest is based on a system of trust. We do however have a number of ways to check if a QSO was actually made.

Play fair! If we suspect you're cheating you may be banned from entering the contest.

Q: Why don't you provide low / high power categories and mode categories?

A: The contest is designed to be easy to enter and easy to administer. Although it may not cater to everyone's operating conditions, we decided that All Bands, All Modes, and All Power would cover most conditions from low power weak signal modes like CW, JT65, and FT8 to high power SSB and other voice modes. The Top 5 category is intended to provide a level playing field for operators who may not be able to work that rare DXpedition due to their location or power / mode restrictions by giving them the opportunity to work other entities and still have a chance in the contest.

If you have a suggestion which you believe will improve the format of the contest, contact the contest manager. All feedback is welcome.

Q: Why do I get a "Secure Connection Failed" error when trying to upload an ADI file?

A: If you are using an ad blocker extension in Mozilla Firefox and attempt to upload an ADI file more than 90 seconds after initially loading the LogUploader page, you may receive a "Secure Connection Failed" error, even if your ad blocker is disabled on this site. This is a known bug and we are working on a fix for it. (This bug is not present if you are uploading a ZIP file). In the meantime, there are a few ways to work around this bug.

Update: This bug is considered to be fixed as of 24 March 2023. If you still encounter the "Secure Connection Failed" error please contact the contest manager.

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