This page allows you to upload your ADIF log. The script will process all the QSOs in your log and display a summary of your "Most Wanted" and "Top 5" most wanted entities for the period being entered. (Top 5 will only be displayed if 5 or more unique entities were worked). After viewing the summary you simply enter your name, email address, and callsign, then press the Submit button to send your entry.

You may upload your entire log or just the QSOs for the award period being entered. The script will find and process only the QSOs made during the dates of the award period being entered.

The script will only process QSOs and accept entries during the 14 day entry submission period following an award period. If you attempt to use this script before the end of an award period or after the 14 day entry submission period you will receive an error message.

The maximum file size you can upload is 10MB. If your ADIF log is larger than 10MB or you just want to reduce the time needed to upload a smaller file, you may upload your log as a ZIP archive. Only ADI files and ZIP files containing an ADI are accepted.

A maximum of 10,000 QSOs for the award period being entered can be processed by this script. QSOs with maritime mobile and aeronautical mobile stations will automatically be removed, as will QSOs with stations deemed by Clublog to be invalid for DXCC.

All QSOs in your ADIF log for the award period you are entering MUST contain the following fields. In the absence of any of these fields the QSO will be omitted from processing and a message will be displayed explaining what is missing. You may then correct your log and upload it again.

ADIF FieldDescription
STATION_CALLSIGN or OPERATORThe callsign you used during the QSO.
At least one of these fields is required.
Some variations are accepted.
QSO_DATEThe date of the QSO.
TIME_ONThe time of the QSO.
Time should be 6 digits, ie: HHMMSS. Any 4 digit times will automatically be converted to 6 digits by adding 59, ie: HHMM59.
CALLThe callsign of the station worked.
MODEThe mode used.
BAND or FREQThe band or frequency on which the QSO occurred.
At least one of these fields is required.
RST_RCVDThe RST report you received from the station worked.

If you experience any problems with the Log Uploader please contact the contest manager.

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